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Current stories about the men who played minor league baseball in the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri league from 1946-52. Many went on to very long baseball careers while others were successes in other fields. This blog keeps up with them through what is called "The KOM League Flash Report."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Recent Flash Reports

The KOM League
Flash is back
September 10, 2006


Of The Press Staff

It wasn't hard to tell there was a reunion going on Thursday afternoon at the Precious Moments Best Western.

People were gathered in small groups in the lobby as well as outside, talking and laughing. The name tags strung around their necks weren't needed for some. One fellow showed up wearing an alien Halloween mask and still was recognized by his friends. (Ed note: It was Walt Babcock trying to disguise himself and fool
Whitey Herzog--it didn't work.)

This, however, wasn't a gathering of ordinary people. They are in Carthage for the last KOM League reunion.

“I've been to all but one of these reunions,” said Dick McCoy, a former left-handed pitcher.

“I've met a lot of nice people.”

The reunion, organized by John Hall, will continue today and wrap up Saturday with a ceremony for deceased members at Carl Lewton Stadium at 1:30 p.m. and “The Last Supper” at Souper Sam's at Precious Moments.

Area baseball fans might not have recognized most of the players, but Whitey Herzog, the former manager of the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals, sat in the lobby, talking to former teammates and opponents, alike.

Most are like McCoy, who got as high as AAA. They didn't make it to the majors (eight who planned to be here this weekend did), but they still have stories to tell, some of which can be told in the newspaper.

McCoy recalls playing for Hall of Fame slugger Mel Ott in the Pacific Coast League. As a relief pitcher, McCoy boasted a 0.86 ERA in the Texas League in 1952.

He also recalls being drafted by the Washington Senators. The paperwork, however, got messed up and he end up with the Dodgers.

Also with the Dodgers was Boyd Bartley, who spent 47 years in their organization. He started out as a shortstop, then became a manager and scout.

Not all attending were from the KOM League. One played in the Western Association, but his three brothers played in the KOM, so he gets an invitation.

He credited Hall for keeping the reunions running smoothly.

Hall, who's written books on the league, had hats, photos and other things available for the players and wives.

Death of Roy Siever's wife

John, Roy Sievers one of the nice guys who has never received the credit he deserves. There are guys in the hall of fame that don't have the statistics he put up over a long career. Sorry to see his Wife has died. Roy was a humble man worked on the docks for Yellow Freight, did not want a promotion or supervisors job.

Bob Mallon

Ed reply:

Whitey Herzog left the KOM reunion a day early due to the death of Roy Sievers wife. Bill Virdon commented to me last night at the closing banquet about Roy being "good people."

I don't know that I ever heard anyone have a harsh word about Sievers.

The KOM League
Flash Report
September 11, 2006

Four years ago today my wife and I returned from a visit to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. We had spent a few days there with some former KOM Leaguers along with Bill Clark. That was the first anniversary of the attack on the United States and the start of a war that will never end in any of our lifetimes.

Enclosed are a few comments about the recently concluded 60th Anniversary Reunion of the KOM League and like the mention of the war that will
never end in our lifetimes, the efforts we go through to attend these reunions will ensure the KOM League will remain alive for at least as long as we
are. No terrorist can take that from us.

A member of the Miller Bluegrass Band

John, that was fun, thanks for the dinner and making us feel a part of i

IT was great! Corky Dow

The creation of a "monster"

John - During my unplanned and unsolicited 'disconnect' from you and the KOM Flash e-periodical last year (due, if you remember, to my having lost my PC address book, etc.) this speaking of the "Last KOM reunion" surfaced but I never thought to ask how/why that should be?? Certainly, the high volume of chat between you and the KOM league 'gang' shows that their enthusiasm for it, and you, seem to grow with the passage of time... I suspected that you might have had enough, or had some perceived waning in your constituency, but obviously such is not the case.. sorry, pal, you're in it for the foreseeable future - you've created a monster and there's no such thing as term limits in that old batboy !! I'm so sincerely glad that more people continue to get to know you as I had the good fortune to do so many years ago... All the best to you and yours.. Colin--Tallahassee, Fl.

87 to what?

John, here I am in Michigan again!! Was in Pitt (Pittsburg, Kansas) for home opener yesterday though. Almost embarrassed to say the score though---87-0. Played third and fourth string all of second half. Modern day scoring record and 300th victory in the storied career of Gorilla football.

Sounds like you had another memorable reunion. Know you must be exhausted but it is all worth it when see those folks hugging and smiling etc.---and Sam Dixon still telling tales about his "glory"days!! He is the one and only though.

I would like to see the pics when ready to share.

Sounds to me like this LAST one might not be so?

How many?

I have a question John, how many reunions have there been and how many years apart?

Bob's (Curley) right about Roy, he was very kind to me. Bruce Orser

Ed reply:

Reunions were held in the following towns in these years.
1995--A small gathering of players and a hog roast in Columbia for two days in May.
1996--Pittsburg, Kansas
1997--A year off
1998--Carthage, Missouri
1999--The Tribute to the batboy ceremony at Carthage. Another two day event.
2000--Chanute, Kansas
2001--Bartlesville, Oklahoma
2002--Carthage, Missouri. Later that year a gathering of former KOM Leaguers at the Hall of Fame that concluded on 9/11.
2003--Carthage, Missouri
2004--Columbia, Missouri
2005--Chanute, Kansas
2006--Columbia, Missouri

I was taking photos at the golf course when some guy came up and said he heard some old ballplayers were around. He wanted to know if anyone remembered Dean Manns. The guy he asked that question of was--Dean Manns. The guy asking the question was David Hall--no relation. I told him he didn't remember me but I recalled a shot he made against Cassville in the final second of a game in 1955. He remembered the shot but didn't remember me. That, of course, was because he was an upper classman.

Photos requested:

John: I would like to be on the list to view some of the Reunion Photos, especially the one you took of Cloyd Boyer and myself. I want to show it to his cousin, Vern Boyer here in Atlanta. Thanks, I sure had a great time. Sorry I had to take an early flight back. You did it again. Thanks for the hard work.
Herbie Heiserer
Ed note:
Herb got his download of photos within mere seconds of asking. Here was his reply: "John: Thanks loads, Herbie"
Cloyd Boyer was always called "Junior" but I could never figure that out. Cloyd's dad was Chester Vern Boyer. Cloyd Victor Boyer told me at the KOM League reunion that the "junior" came as a result of him and his dad them aving the same initials.
Another update on the Boyer boys. Cletis is not doing well at all. Cloyd said his brother just returned to Atlanta after spending time, as he does every summer, in Cooperstown. He has a seasonal business there.

St. John?

John, I know you’re not Catholic but you do deserve sainthood anyway! I’m not a Catholic either but I’d vote for you in a New York minute.

Thanks for your tireless efforts,

Dan Olmstead

Roy Sievers

John, I remember Roy Sievers well. He hit a few long ones off me. I don't remember what year, but he was with San Antonio when I was at Tulsa. I do remember him as areal nice guy. We would have a little gabfest after some of the games. Sorry to hear about his wife. A sad time. Hope Roy gets along okay.. Bob Curley

Ed reply:

Bob, Roy Sievers hit those long balls off you in 1951 while he was serving a short stint at San Antonio.

In 1947 Sievers broke in with Hannibal, Mo. of the Central Association and led the league in almost every department. The stats were eye-popping. By 1949 he was voted the American League Rookie of the Year by both the Sporting News and the Baseball Writers' of America.

Subsequent to winning that award, the City of Hannibal held a special night to honor Sievers. He and former KOM Leaguer, Bob Signaigo, made that the trip together from St. Louis. Sievers was going to receive his award and Signaigo was going to see "a friend" he knew in the area. While on the side trip Signaigo was involved in an automobile accident that nearly took his life.

Signaigo had one of the better seasons of anyone in KOM League history. He hit .342 at Independence, Kansas with 10 homers. Sievers had better home run numbers that season than did Signaigo but hit .317 to lag Signaigo by .025 batting points.

KOM Leaguer's widow

The morning following the close of the KOM League reunion I was in a local supermarket and spoke with Martha Klemme. She is the widow of Stan Klemme, Iola 51. Klemme had two cousins who played professional baseball--Dale and Preston Ward. Ward made it to the major leagues and Dale got as far as Carthage and Blackwell in Class D ball.

Martha asked about one of her late husband's teammates, Dave Newkirk and the funny guy from Kansas. I regretted to inform her that Newkirk had passed away but was pleased to inform her that Sam Dixon was on hand for the reunion.

Time passes quickly. Shortly, it will be the second anniversary of the death of Stanley Klemme.

From the Berans

John Thanks for all you have done for so many old timers over the years who have enjoyed the great old game of baseball. You have brought us together to talk about memories of the past and to relive what we thought was important in our life at the time.---or better said,"the older we get the better to we used to play!"

Jerry and I would continue to attend any gatherings in the future, health and welfare permitting, should this occur,

Again, thanks for everything from all the Beran boys!!!!!!!!!

Ed note:

Five members of the Beran family played professional baseball. Joe, Eugene and Robert played in the KOM league as well as other leagues. Lee and Jerry
never played in the KOM League but played in the Western Association primarily. After the death of brother Joe, who never missed a KOM League event,
Lee and Jerry have made it a point to attend each reunion. At this past reunion Jerry celebrated his 80th birthday with us.

Also celebrating his 77 birthday at the reunion was Dick McCoy. He brought along greeting to Yours Truly from his mother who is now 102 years of age.
When the McCoys celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Joe Beran and I were invited and we roomed together for the event. The morning of the
second day in Omaha, McCoy's mother invited Beran and his roommate over for a great breakfast. She is a great lady and her mental faculties have
not waned over the years.

Note handed Yours Truly at reunion

Hello John Hall. Hi KOM members. Lots of water has flowed under the bridge in my life. Now its is just a trickle.
There is hardly a day goes by that I don't think of the KOM days. Now it seems like a dream. But, it was real.

To all those at the last reunion I say "have a good time, shed a few tears if you want. Dream of the days of yesteryears. May life be good to all."

I was a left-handed chucker. My fast ball was not fast and my curve wouldn't curve. But, I gave it my all.

Thanks for the memories. Pete New Chanute, Kansas

Ed note:

Don't be kidded by Pete New. He was a pitcher who could pitch and also could hit. Many times when he didn't pitch he played first base and even made
the KOM League All-Star team in 1951 for Iola. Prior service in the league was at Chanute where he later wound up as its mayor. He was born in Fredonia, Kansas the same town that produced Claude Willoughby, former big league hurler and later KOM League manager for the Bartlesville, Oklahoma Oilers.

Willoughby had a son named Keith who played first base for his dad at Bartlesville thus forming the only father/son combination in league history.

Reunion attendees final count

Someone always asks "Who made it to the reunion?" This is as comprehensive a rundown as I'll ever come up with.

Babcock, Walt-2
Bagwell, Bill -2
Bartley, Boyd-2
Bass, Danny-2
Beran, Lee-1
Beran, Jerry-1
Billingsly, Al-1
Blankenship, Teresa -5
Boselo, George-2
Boyer, Cloyd-2
Clark, Bill-2
Costa, Phil-2
Cox, Dave-2
Crandall, Harry-2
Crites, Kathy-2 Bagpiper
Dixon, Sam-1
Dodson, Lee-1
Doll, Loren-2
Edwards, Doris-1
Field, Bob-2
Getter, Dick-2
Gilbert, Joe-1
Goodman, Harold -2
Goodpasture, Lee-2
Haberland, Robert-2
Heiserer, Herb-1
Herzog, Whitey-1
Hall, John W.-2
Hall, John G.-2
Hoffmeister, Paul-2
Hrabos, Cal-1
Hrabos, Stacey-1
Hunt, Howard-2
Jay, Jim-2
Keeter, Don-1
Leavy, Jane-1
Lewis, Paul-2
Liston, Warren-2
Lumpe, Jerry-1
Manns, Dean-1
Maring, Norma-1
McCoy, Dick-2
Miller Family Bluegrass Band-5
Moore, June-1
Muirhead, Alex-2
Najjar, Nick-5
Payne, Max-1
Pool, Mace-2
Reese, Guy-2
Rothrock, Dean-2
Scheerer, Bill-2
Smith, Lilburn-2
Snyders, Jim-2
Speake, Bob-2
Staab, Ed-2
Stanka, Joe-2
Tilley, Julie-1 Played taps at Memorial service
Virdon-Bill- 2
Wade, Gale-2
Ward, Rhoda-1
Watts, Ted-1
Weber, Charlie-1
White, Gaylon-1
Wilson, Jean-1
Woods, Jim-2
Yung, Eldon-1

Others had signed up for the event but to various reasons canceled at the last minute. Those who had sent their registration funds had them returned
even before the reunion started.

Great gift

On the last night of the event there were a few fellows twisting arms and attempting to sell raffle tickets upon my arrival at the Precious Moments banquet hall. When I offered to buy some I was refused. When I inquired as to what was being raffled I was told it was none of my business.

Later in the evening Cal Hrabos (Ray-bus correct pronunciation) read off a number and Bill Clark, former big league super scout, raised his hand as holding the
winning ticket. What he had won was a lamp. It was no ordinary light standard. The base was exquisitely made of ash and was exactly 1/2 scale to an official
size home plate. The inscription on the base contained a metal KOM League seal and the inscription :

SEPT. 7-9

There were three bats placed in triangular sequence leading up to the socket area. The lamp shade is held in place by a replica of a baseball. The bats are Louisville Slugger Mickey Mantle miniatures. A set of spikes for the base for the official Rawlings baseball which Hrabos had signed by former KOM and National Leaguers Gale Wade, Bill Virdon and Bob Speake.

I've not done this work of art justice. After Bill Clark received his lamp it was announced that $1,110 had been raised and in a very short time the money had been handed to Yours Truly and the news that I would receive a lamp exactly like the one Clark had won. For one of the few times in my life there was no speech, just a thank-you. Later that evening there was another attempt to solicit a speech out of me and that didn't come out any better. It came after Joe Stanka rose to address the audience and ask them to give the largest ovation they had ever given in their lives. Since it was directed toward where I was standing it again brought me to the stage of speechlessness. I was finally able to utter a half-dozen words and then announced the 60th KOM League Anniversary celebration was history.

The KOM League
Flash Report
September 13, 2006

Note: Anyone attempting to get hold of me tomorrow isn't likely to have much success. Thus, if you receive this report and have a question or comment, I'll get back in touch later.

During the KOM League reunion my best friend didn't eat very much. I thought she might be missing her pal. On Monday we were off to see the "pet doctor" for the annual round of shots. During the checkup a very large tumor was discovered. The "doggie" doctor looked grim and said that surgery must be performed at the earliest possible date. Thus, Banshee, the little black English Cocker who speaks and understands English knew immediately what was ahead of her. We both went outside while her cousin got her check-up. We talked out in the "pet parking lot" and she's ready for the surgery if I'll take her and look after her while she recovers.

So, this is just to let everyone know what my priorities are...

While this report is being prepared Banshee is on the floor beside me. In addition to speaking and understanding English she can also read. That is why I was careful in what I wrote.

This would add a touch of class to the KOM newsletter

Dear John:

What a treat! Anyway ... it was for me.

I had not registered to attend the KOM League reunion ... which would have been my first ... because of prior weekend commitments in Pittsburg and Wichita, Kansas. Fortunately, at the last minute ... an unscheduled business meeting in Joplin put me so close to Carthage that I couldn't help myself. I couldn't be THAT close and not "pop in", if only for just a moment in time. Yep, as you well know ... I crashed the KOM Reunion party (albeit for just one hour) for your Friday evening buffet at Souper Sam's at Precious Moments.

While driving to Carthage from Joplin, I felt a bit awkward and kind of like I would be a stranger since you were the only one I knew personally. How wrong I was. I could not have felt more at home.

Of course, I have known you for quite a few years and was familiar with the lore of the KOM League from my growing up days in Miami, Oklahoma and Pittsburg, Kansas and ... naturally, your brilliant KOM Flash Reports. My family had moved to Miami in 1956 ... so I was a bit too young to ever have even seen a KOM League game personally ... but I got to know several former KOM League players while there and over the years that followed. Though Oswego, KS was not a league town, following graduation from PSU in 1966, I have lived in what I consider the "heart" of KOM territory for these past forty years. Lots of KOM baseball stories float around here, too ... believe it or not. Especially to a sports nut like me.

Please know that, if you are still doing the print edition of the KOM League newsletter, my offer to contribute a feature sports art illustration for each issue is not idle chit-chat. My idea is to do a drawing similar to the vintage Willard Mullins' classic baseball-theme sports cartoons that graced many covers and inside pages of The Sporting News for years.

I'd like to say it was a pleasure to finally meet my email buddy, Walt Babcock and 'put a face with a name' and his off-beat sense of email humor and other mailings ... BUT ------ Oh, never mind ------ it was a pleasure for me to finally meet him. He isn't nearly as nasty in person as he has been through emails.

You all put on a great show, as far as I could tell. I sincerely hope and pray that this was not your LAST reunion. If you have another ... pre-register me. This time sign me up for the duration. One hour just wasn't enough.

Later ....... Ted Watts

P.S. Like one of your other KOM Leaguers, I too was at that Pitt State 87-0 football win Saturday evening. The other Gorilla fan didn't sign his name. I wonder if I know him?

P.P.S. I typed this in LARGER bold face type ... so (if you happen to run this in a KOM Flash Report) that Babcock can read it. Of course, it is not written in Crayon ... so he still might have a tough time with it.

From Ohio

Thank you for the 2 E-Mails. I have shared both with the other 3 ladies.

I know my opinion does not count but as an impartial observer and reading the e-mail; I vote that you all keep meeting as long as there are two of you that will meet. The others, who can no longer get to the meeting, will enjoy ( even more than the attendees, their hearts and spirits will be with you if something has prevented (their attending). And, if they cannot get out their good times now come second hand, and they need that ) hearing all the news, both sad and glad notes.

We would like to see the other pictures if not too much trouble. Phyllis Vanderpool--Hamilton, Ohio

Ed note:

Mrs. Vanderpool and her friends were on the second floor of the Precious Moments Motel overlooking the activities below. The main activity was the consumption of a birthday cake honoring Dick McCoy's 77th birthday. The ladies were from Ohio and struck up a conversation with George Boselo who lives in Canton.

During our conversation Mrs. Vanderpool said to tell whoever was in charge of the KOM League reunions to never stop having them as long as two of the former players remain alive. I told her I'd tell the guy in charge. Of course, she knew she was speaking with the guy who thinks he's somewhat in charge. Her message was from the heart. She pointed out that the men in their lives used to travel with them to the sites they were visiting this year, including Carthage. But now the men have all passed away and she and her friends go to the places they once visited with their husbands and it is a way of connecting to the great memories of the past.

A news scoop--one guy who WILL NOT manage the Chicago Cubs!

Last Thursday evening one of the attendees of the KOM League reunion stood to say a few words to the audience. His first comment was "Regardless of what you might be hearing, I will not manage the Chicago Cubs next year." That has to be both good news for Dusty Baker
and bad." Its pretty bad when your club is so woeful no successful manager in the past will touch the job. After the announcement was made I did my best to talk the fellow into considering taking over for the Cubs. I even offered to join him as batboy. It was explained that
I first broke in with the Cubs in 1951 as their Class D lumber stacker. That didn't impress the fellow one iota. Thus, you won't see the 75-year old manager and his 67-year old batboy at Wrigley Field next season.

You know, I think Whitey Herzog and John Hall could have done something with the Cubs. Well, at least we would have had the opposition off-guard. They would have laughed themselves silly watching an old man doing a job that was designed for a young person. What do you think?
Should we start a "Draft Whitey" campaign? Remember this, the St. Louis Cardinals haven't won a World Series since Whitey ball left town.

A desire to keep in touch!

John: I need a big favor when you get time. I renewed acquaintances during the Reunion last week and I want to keep in touch with these guys as much as possible. Could you please give me addresses and e-mail addresses on the following guys:

Walt Babcock
Bill Bagwell
Danny Bass
Bill Clark
Sam Dixon
Don Keeter
Warren Liston
Nick Najjar
Dean Rothrock
Charlie Weber

Thanks again, looking forward to 2008. Herbie (Heiserer)

Comments from first time reunion attendee:

John, I'll write you more later but I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed meeting you and the KOM Leaguers. It's a great bunch and I felt at home immediately.

I'll place my photos in a folder on Yahoo that you can access. And, yes, I would like to have access to photos you reference in this flash report.

Ironically, I asked Bill Virdon Saturday night about Roy Sievers. I did a telephone interview with Roy several years ago. His wife answered the phone and we had a brief exchange before Roy came on the line. Sievers was one of the top sluggers of his time. I remember watching him on the Home Run Derby series filmed at the old Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. I have a copy somewhere.

One of the things that impressed me at the reunion was the interest and baseball knowledge among some of the wives. The words, "great time for all", are particularly true for the just concluded KOM League reunion.

Gaylon White

Note from "the glove worn"

John, I have been trying to think of something clever to say about all the reunions and good times but nothing came up. I will just tell you they were the best times I have had in my last several years. So all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart and this includes your sweet wife who must have been a supporter of all you did. I hope that if there aren’t any more that our paths cross somewhere –somehow. It was a great run.

Charlie----the worn out 2nd baseman (Charlie Weber was part of that brilliant keystone combination at Independence, Kansas in 1949. Had he lived I wonder if the other half of that combination would have enjoyed the events as much as Weber has? Sure you all know that the "other half" of that duo was Mickey Mantle.

Hoffmeisters back home in Illinois

Dear John and Noelle,

As usual you did a fantastic job and we certainly enjoyed visiting with everyone. Everything about the reunion was meaningful and it was difficult to see it come to a close, as always. We can't thank you enough for bringing us together and doing all that you both do to make it all possible!

We arrived home later Sun. eve as we stopped in St. Louis to see the magnificent Chihuly glass exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was fabulous and we highly recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it! The park and climatron alone are fabulous and I thought of so many of you that would have loved being there (there is a large wonderful gift shop there too, ladies ) We wished that we could have seen everything but,you need more time. It was a very hot and humid 90 degrees and I forgot to bring a hat. When we got home that eve it was 60 degrees here. We hope to go back another time.

When we got home my brother had sent me some pictures of his bowls that he had turned but, he also sent a couple of a friend of ours who, had entered the Woodturner's Symposium in Lexington this year. The theme was baseball. The web site is not up yet but, when it is, I will check it out and send it to you. There were some fabulous things that were turned with carvings. Talked to my brother last eve and he said that as soon as he gets more info on it, he will send it to me. I think that many would enjoy seeing it. The winner of the auction paid $11,000.00 for a top! Bob said that it was unbelievable though.

John, I am going to send two pictures of the two turnings with carving on to you to look at and then will put an envelope in to send to Bob Speake as he is a carver and one for him to send back to me. How's that for confusion?? Anyway, I think that you and he because he is a carver would enjoy seeing them.

We are trying to get ready for company from Hawaii to get here Thurs. and with four doctor appts. between us, it isn't easy. Paul has been trying to get his leg back in shape as any trip causes problems for him in a sensitive area but, he always feels it's worth it. Maybe that's why he's so "crotchety". No pun intended!

Take care and thanks again for EVERYTHING! Hi to all! Mary Lou Hoffmeister

The Memorial booklet and program


Note from Hungerford to Billingsly

Al, have a great time at your Class '46 Reunion, and the KOM Reunion. Say hello to everyone for us.

Mona decided not to go to either of the reunions. Would appreciate if you would get an extra copy of the memorial booklet that John Hall plans listing the names of all the deceased KOM members. I know Mona would like a copy of that booklet.

We leave tomorrow (Sept 5th) for our Italy trip. Be back Sept 18th.

I saw Nick and Nancy (Paul and Nancy Nichols) a couple of weeks ago. We made a trip to Atlanta and North Carolina, so stopped by Dawsonville to see them also. They are not coming to the KOM Reunion as their grandson is playing football for a college in Rome, Georgia, that same weekend.

Best regards, Frank Hungerford--1947 Pittsburg, Kansas Browns.

Another "victim" of these reports

Thank You for another memorable KOM reunion. I am so glad to be included and would like very much to receive your newsletters by E-Mail.

Sincerely, Doris Edwards-Topeka, Kansas

Ed note:

Doris is one of three sisters of former KOM Leaguer, Mace Pool. Since Mace also brings along his wife to these events I affectionately call them "The Mace Pool Five." Mace comes in from Phoenix each year and picks up is sisters and heads for the KOM League of location. Another of his sisters begged me not to end the reunions for they wouldn't have place to go where everyone enjoyed themselves. Ah, a heavy burden to bear have I.

News from the Powers Museum

Mr. Hall, It sounds like everyone had a good time this past weekend.

The museum has finally worked through several problemsand has its baseball photos online. The site is http://powers.pastperfect-online.com. We have not gotten link set up through our regular website yet but we will soon when our web guy returns to work from surgery.

Thanks for your help way back identifying the guys.

Michele Hansford

News stories

A few minutes was spent this afternoon sharing a few thoughts and photos of the recently concluded KOM League reunion with the Columbia Missourian. They publish quite a few of my photos on their site and quite often I have front page coverage on stories and photos. If the KOM League story makes it into that publication I'll share it with the readership.

In a week or so Bill Clark will share his memories of that event in the Columbia Tribune. He writes for them on a regular basis and will have insights into the reunion that I could never cover.

When responsible for an event you have very little time to sit down and converse with anyone. When there are 100 or more people at an function you always go home wishing you had more time to spend with them and also hoping that you didn't offend anyone by not speaking with them at great lengths. However, I'm sure the attendees are just plum happy that they don't have to tolerate me very much except at the opening of each session. I usually inform them of what
is on the agenda and they go off and do as they well please. One of the things that is always made clear to reunion attendees--the agenda is only a suggestion. I figure by the time people make it to the threescore and ten, and more, plateau they ought to do whatever strikes their fancy.
From the Staabs

Thank you for the many efforts in seeing the reunion through. Ed and I were pleased to be so well-received by the members of the KOM league. We had a wonderful time. The food was great.*

Thanks again,
Darleen and Ed Staab--Garden Grove, Calif. (Just down the street from the Robert Schuler's Crystal Cathedral.)

Ed note:

Darleen and Ed Staab came to the reunion basically to visit with former members of the Ft. Leonard Wood Hilltoppers--Whitey Herzog, Jerry Lumpe, Guy Reese and Walt Babcock. Before long Ed was visiting with fellows he had played with in the Northern League and even found Eldon Yung who played against him in American Legion baseball in Nebraska. The world is small and the KOM League makes it even smaller.

When Whitey Herzog arrived at the reunion Charlie Weber called him Relly. That got Whitey's attention for that is what all the guys called him back in the days he was playing amateur baseball in Eastern Illinois. Relly was the shortened version of Whitey's first name, Dorrel.
Finally home!

Hall of Fame golfing

Hope you and Noel are getting some rest after the busy weekend. We got home from the Hall of Fame Golf Tourney in Branson last night, so we have rested today! Nice but rather sad weekend. Thanks for all you do to make it so enjoyable.
Shirley Virdon

Comments regarding reunion photos


John — I thought you were good only at taking pictures of butterflies and tulips. I'd forgotten about your other work. I think these from Carthage may be your best set. I can tell I missed a memorable weekend. Real sorry I wasn't there.

—Greg--Austin, Texas


John, Great pictures! Keep them coming. Paul went up to take a shower and get ready for "meds" as Howie puts it. He'll look at them tomorrow morning. Thanks again. Hi to Noel.

Mary Lou Hoffmeister

The photos taken at the reunion are available to anyone who is interested. I usually download them in batches of 45-50. The first set went out last night to "the willing."

Baseball caps and pens were a hit

Those receiving the KOM League caps and ballpoint pens prior to the reunion were very pleased with these items. One person who ordered a dozen caps prior to the reunion called on Tuesday of this week to see if he could purchase another dozen. There just happened to be about that many remaining after the reunion so he'll get what he requested. That will leave eight caps and if anyone wishes to purchase one of the remaining few let me know. As soon as
these are gone I'm out of the cap business.

There is still a good supply of KOM League 60th Anniversary pens and if you would like one, or more, of these I can sure send them out. The caps are $16 plus $4.00 postage and the pens are $2.00 and $1 for postage and packaging. If you want more than one then the postage costs would not be $1 per pen, it would be $1 up to five pens.


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