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Current stories about the men who played minor league baseball in the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri league from 1946-52. Many went on to very long baseball careers while others were successes in other fields. This blog keeps up with them through what is called "The KOM League Flash Report."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eldon Yung at KOM Reunion
Preparing for Memorial Service
for former KOM Leaguers.


Bad news from Kansas City Research Medical Center

Early this morning I had a telephone call from the daughter of Eldon Yung. Yung is the fellow who comes to all the KOM League reunions
and who was in charge of the flag presentation at the past Memorial Service for former KOM Leaguers. He also appeared in his
Grand Army of the Republic uniform on the current edition of The KOM League Remembered.

A couple of weeks ago Yung entered the hospital and in the ensuing two weeks things turned for the worse. His daughter wanted
to call me last week but her dad said he'd be getting better. Last evening he asked that she call me and provide the details of his
condition. He went in for a colonoscopy and a malignant tumor was found. The cancer had spread to the liver and lymph nodes.
His diagnosis is level 4, terminal cancer. He was released from the Intensive Care Unit last night.

According to his daughter, Rhonda, her dad is going to undergo chemotherapy treatments. She asked that I wait another couple
of days before contacting him but she asked that I share this information with all of her dad's friends. If you've been around KOM
League reunions, you're a friend of his. If you are a praying person, remember him in your intercessions.

Currently, his address is:
Eldon Yung
Research Medical Center
2216 E. Meyer Blvd.
Kansas City, Missouri 64132
Roon # 409

Eldon Yung has been a good friend ever since the former Miami Eagle--1950, was located. He resides in Warrensburg, Mo. and he
paid me a number of visits as he passed through on I-70 going to car shows with his wife, Darlene. About a half-dozen years ago Darlene
suffered a stroke and Eldon became her total care-giver. My wife commented many times that she didn't think she ever saw a man more
dedicated to his wife. After Darlene's death Eldon moved into the new home he had been constructing for her special needs. It had lost
its luster when he lost the girl he had loved since his high school days in Guide Rock, Nebraska.

Six years ago Yung spent countless hours with Yours Truly at a publishing company in Sedalia, Mo. revising the book "Majoring in The
Minors." He thought it was important to document the history of the KOM League and keep it updated.

Well, thats it for a while. Hearing of Eldon's condition is a tough blow but of any person I know he is better equipped to handle it than
about anyone I can name.


Happy 102nd birthday

John: Whatever you need to do to get us the KOM news is what we will do. Tomorrow is Irene's 102 birthday and the City of Omaha Proclaimed
October 29 as Irene McCoy Day as well as the Governor of Nebraska also proclaiming October 29 as Irene McCoy day she was pleased with
that honor. Thanks for keeping the news coming to all of us. Molly and Dick McCoy

Ed note:

Irene McCoy is the mother of Dick McCoy who played for the 1948-49 Ponca City Dodgers. I've had the privilege of knowing Irene for
a decade and she is a remarkable person.


Comment on blogspot

Hi Mr. Hall, I enjoy reading about the KOM League and Baseball. I am willing to use the blogspot as a means of doing it. I agree with the majority of your readers who seem to agree with that "vote".

Thank you for your hard work and concern for "our" ability to receive your reports. With all that you do, it seems to me that you should dictate how you do it!! As for me, pushing one button on this keyboard to benefit from your writing is certainly not too much for you to ask.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!!
Charlie Zachritz

PS I hope your Mother is adjusting and feeling better.

PSS A Hello to Mr. Dixon

In case you missed it

October 27:

Obituary // Former major league pitcher Joe Niekro, Houston's career victory leader, died yesterday, Astros president Tal Smith said. He was 61. The two-time 20-game winner suffered a brain aneurysm Thursday and was taken to South Florida Baptist Hospital in Plant City, where he lived. He later was transferred to St. Joseph's Hospital, where he died. Niekro, father of Giants first baseman Lance Niekro, won 221 games in his career but never became as well known as his Hall of Fame brother, Phil. Like his older brother, who won 318 games, Joe Niekro found success after developing the knuckleball and pitched into his 40s. They had a combined 539 major league victories, a record for brothers.


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