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Current stories about the men who played minor league baseball in the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri league from 1946-52. Many went on to very long baseball careers while others were successes in other fields. This blog keeps up with them through what is called "The KOM League Flash Report."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The "real" November 1 Flash Report

Note: The KOM League blogspot will now carry the Flash Reports while they are in the process of being prepared. In this way it is hoped some of you will read them and have something to add to a particular story. While no one has yet left a comment on the blogspot I’m now aware that some of you are beginning to at least view the site. Google.com monitors the amount of traffic on the blogspots and when there is enough interest, in terms of hits, they contact those on their alert list.

If you wanted to be included in the automatic alerts Google puts out you can sign up for those on their site and its free. Then, you wouldn’t have to be checking for these Flash Reports on the KOM League blogspot. How much easier do I have to make it?

The following message was included in the first blogspot release for November 1, 2006.

KOM League Flash Report in progress: The “in progress” reports will be sent to selected individuals when they are completed and then updated on the blogspot upon completion. If you see anything in this preliminary report on which you’d like to comment please e-mail me at jhall03@midamerica.net.

Eldon Yung

Hi, Sooo sorry to hear about Eldon (Yung). He seemed like such a nice man and so sorry to hear that he is suffering. Will include him in prayers and get a card off to him.

Hope and pray that your mother is doing well and that you are all holding up.

As far as the blog, that is okay with us. Whatever is easier for you.

Take care. Hi to Noel. Mary Lou and Paul Hoffmeister

Ed note:

Several attempts have been made to speak with Eldon by telephone but his hospital room telephone and his cell phone haven't been answered. His daughter told me earlier in the week that he had been released from ICU into a regular room. Thanks to those of you who have indicated you would be sending him a card.

Ed note:

I have been readying my home for mother's arrival. Bringing her to live with my wife and I will occur on November 13. That will be a week before her birthday and two weeks prior to mine. At ages 92 and 67 respectively it will be a time of "new beginnings."
Getting on the list

John, Thanks for keeping me on your e-mail list. Please e-mail me your home address so that I can send you some copies of columns I now write for twice weekly inserts into papers of subscribers of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in selected Illinois areas.

Thanks again, and, yes, your e-mail reached this destination. Regards, art v (Voellinger)

Ed note:

That home address is:

John Hall
1709 Rainwood Place
Columbia, MO 65203
Bartlesville Pirate widow's note

Hi John - -I am sorry to hear that you are having such a problem trying to submit your news out to your long list of friends. I do read every Flash Report and enjoy each one even though I seldom let you know that. Please do whatever is the best solution for you in regard to continuing getting your reports out in the easiest fashion for you. Like you said, it doesn't take much effort for people to link to the blogspot if that is what is necessary for you to continue giving us your reports. I don't even know a single person you write about yet so enjoy reading about each one and have come to feel I know each one so I can only imagine what a thrill it is for the people who actually know each other
to be able to communicate back and forth with each other through your Flash Reports. Please proceed with whatever is the easiest method of communication for you and your readers will adjust. And my sincere thanks for the time and effort you spend trying to keep this family of friends united through our mutual interest. And another thanks for the occasional newsletter you mail me even though I no longer send you any subscription money.

I am looking forward to visiting in your fair state when I travel to visit my son and his family over Thanksgiving.

Pat Neighbors (Widow of Harry Neighbors - Bartlesville, 1949-1950)
What happened?

With the switch to another e-mail program a lot of updating occurred. Along with that readers were asked to express their wishes as to whether they wanted to stay on the distribution list. After those two actions I can now report, Twenty five percent fewer folks on Flash Report list than this time last week.

A couple of more weeks like that and there won't be anybody on the list.
What does Bill Clark think?

Mr. Hall - I was wondering if you keep in contact with Mr. Bill Clark, and if so, is he still involved with scouting? I've been coaching the past few years out here in San Diego, and there's a kid out here that this "Perfect Game" scouting bureau is touting as a potential top ten round draft choice from a local high school in 2007. I don't know much about this "Perfect Game" bureau, (its in Baseball America magazine all the time), and I was wondering what he thinks of it. To make a long story somewhat shorter, if the scouts last year were concerned about the personal make-up of Doug Drabek's kid, Kyle, (who has a 97 mph fastball and the works), they REALLY ought to have some questions about this kid out here they claim is a potential bonus baby type. If by chance you happen to talk with Mr. Clark, I was wondering what he thinks of the "PG" bureau.

Hope all is going great.
Jim Smith -San Diego
KOM now a nation!

John, I greatly appreciate and enjoy the Flash Reports. I really enjoyed the reunion details and pics. It was neat to put faces with the names.

My best to you and the KOM Nation.

Brian Jackson
Donor Family Representative
LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma
7200 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Baseball Bill is now Bullet Bill
Hi John--I judt got back from a week out of town, and have been reading the flash reports. Don't stop them, whatever you do. We can all go to the blog, if necessary.

You are the bridge to the golden years of baseball for all of us. If the blog makes it easier for you etc. etc. that's the way we ought to go !

It was a shock to hear Joe Niekro died so young. And I never knew he won so many games. A great pitching career, really.

Congrats to your Cards winning the Series. They deserved the win, as they really did outplay the Tigers. Rolen came into his own again, too, which was good to see.
And how about Eckstein? What a great feisty performance by that little guy, eh? I also like Suppan, Carpenter, and the Tigers' Kenny Rogers as REAL pitchers who know the art. Of course Weaver finally came into his own, too, as he learned to control his emotions and just PITCH !!

Thanks for the reminder about how few days are left before ------ pitchers and catchers report to spring training again. what was it -- 105 days? I hope to make it down there next February, near Vero and Port St.Lucie. The Mets and Dodgers and I think the Cards are all in the general area. God willin' and the creek don't rise.

It's a sunny day here in the Carolinas, and I'm heading up to the nearby school yard to throw my baseballs against the backstop and pretend it's 1953 and I'm on the hill for the Oshkosh Giants vs. the Green Bay BlueJays. The sky is blue, the grass is real and green, and hope springs eternal. Ain't life grand ? ?

--Bullet Bill

Ed note:

Bullet Bill used to sign off as Baseball Bill. Wonder if after seeing some of this year's pitching performances he's encouraged that a 70 some pitching arm is ready for a comeback?
Steve Kovach

The former St. Louis Browns minor league catcher called from his New York home to talk about the recent World Series and to reminisce the past.

In his day he caught Don Larsen and Bob Turley. He recalled that if there was a 3-2 count on the batter he'd have to call for the fastball because Larsen couldn't throw a curve. He says there is to be a celebration of Larsen's perfect game no-hitter and that he had been invited but wouldn't attend.

Kovach also had some comments about the reunion edition of the KOM League newsletter. He passed along his "best wishes" to Gale Wade. He said that in 1947 Wade beaned him on purpose. I tried to convince Kovach that Wade didn't have enough control to hit anybody where he was aiming. He swore Wade did it on purpose. Upon reaching first base his manager, Jimmy Crandall, who was coaching at first base asked him "How you doing muscle head?"

Shortly after that Crandall had to leave the club according to Kovach, for a few days. He recalled the Browns sent down a replacement manager. I blurted out, "They sent Ed Dancisak." Kovach couldn't believe anyone would remember that fellow's name. Kovach couldn't recall the pitcher's name but they had a hard-throwing righthander who was pretty wild. He informed Dancisak that if he headed toward the mound, and crossed the baseline, that he would hit him in the forehead with the baseball. Dancisak left him in the game and the next day the Browns released him. I'd give about 55 cents to sit down with Kovach and figure out who that pitcher was.
What was it?
John, just turned the TV on and was surfing channels when a baseball game came up.
It was the fourth inning of whoever was playing. I think it must have been The Duncan Utts and some team from either the Rookie League or Maybe Ban Johnson League. Any idea who? Joe Stanka

Ed note:

Stanka sent the foregoing question on October 27. He had to be referencing the talented fielding capability of the Detroit “kittens.” After watching a few innings of that set of games I was happy it wasn’t a real World Series. Had it have been, there are any number of countries who would have wiped out the Tigers and Cardinals or a combination of an all-star team taken from those two rosters.
A willing soul!
Hi John, I’m more than willing to use your blog address to get your wonderful KOM Flash Reports and updates. I do have to admit I really enjoy seeing your name in my e-mail when you send the report(s) and I’m not convinced I have the discipline to automatically check your blog address often enough to say current. I did notice you’re sending me two sets of e-mail each time. I suspect you have two of my several domain names listed and thus the doubling effect. If you’ll take out Dan@ --------- and keep Dan@Tax-------- it’ll cut my contribution to your problem by 50%!
I would like to buy two of your Mickey Mantle books, new, used or slightly damaged, doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t surprise me if your stash of slightly damaged books isn’t worth more than the brand new ones if only because there are less of them in circulation. Twisted logic, eh?
I’ve lost your address and the amount you’re willing to let them go for so, if you’ll resend that info, I’ll send you the required purchase price via snail mail.
Thanks John,
Dan--in San Jose, CA


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