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Current stories about the men who played minor league baseball in the Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri league from 1946-52. Many went on to very long baseball careers while others were successes in other fields. This blog keeps up with them through what is called "The KOM League Flash Report."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The November 19 report

The KOM League
Flash Report

Quick note:

This Flash Report is being shared due to the death of Gladys Walterman. She was with Oscar "Pappy" Walterman as they started their lives together at Carthage, Mo. in 1946. Pappy's first game was on the mound and he not only won the contest but hit the first home run in KOM League history. As was the custom in those years the hat was passed through the crowd and a sum of around $20 was raised. When the money was being handed to Pappy, and he was being asked what he would do with it, Gladys reached for it and told the MC that she'd buy some groceries.

Pappy had started his career in the Western Association and was a teammate of Stan Musial. A young clubhouse boy, Joe Garagiola, peddled a catchers mitt that Mickey Owen had given him earlier that season, to Walterman for $1.50. Yours Truly once became the "third person" in a letter writing disagreement regarding the price of that mitt. While Pappy maintained he gave the clubhouse boy $1.50 for mitt, Garagiola still insists he only received $1.00.

Regardless as to the amount of the sale, the mitt resides right next to this computer desk. The statement of authentication, signed by Pappy, is next to it along with a letter, on the stationery of NBC News, from Garagiola, that the sum paid was 50 cents less than what Pappy recalled.

Over the years Pappy continued to love baseball and on my last visit to his home in early 2006, he had his chair next to the radio listening to the St. Louis Cardinals and complaining about Tony LaRussa as Gladys told him not to worry so much about such things.

The Waltermans are now gone

John, I just wanted to email and tell you that my grandma, Gladys Walterman, passed away Nov. 16, 2006, Thursday night about 10:42 p.m.. She would have been 80 years old. The next day was going to be her birthday. The visitation will be on Sunday Nov. 19, 2006 at Pitman Funeral Home at 12:00 to 3:00 p. m.. Service is at 3:00 p.m. same day. We are having a dinner at the American Legion Post 323 in Wentzville, Missouri after the service. It is the same place as Grandpa Oscar's. Thanks. Please pass this information on to our friends that you know that were their friends.

Thanks again,

Robin Wolfrum, Granddaughter

Eddie Kasko remembers "Spook"

At this age, I'm sure memories become faded, but I remembering playing with or against Spook Jacobs. I'm thinking he may have been at Ft. Leonard Wood in '52 or '53, or he was in the Int'l League shortly after that. Say Hi! to the Virdons. Class people!

Eddie Kasko

The note from Kasko was shared with the Virdons and evoked this response. "Thanks, John. We haven't seen Eddie and Kathryn Kasko in many years! Hope they are doing well. Hi to them!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Blessings," Shirley Virdon

The "other" John Hall remembers Spook

As I recall, Spook Jacobs played for a team in Panama, Republic of Panama, ( on the Pacific Side) in the early fifties John "Bucky" Hall


A Thanksgiving limerick ...if you read far enough!

Hi John--

Just got your last Flash. You sound really busy with life-events. Hang in there!

Congrats to your wrestling grandsons on their accomplishments. Hope the injury heals quickly.

I've been watching the big Ohio State - Michigan game. Lots of offense.

Basketball is coming in down here in TarHeel country. The Carolina TarHeels had a great recruiting year, and nearby Duke is always good.

The basketball makes the winter go by faster--- till spring training time. Then ----baseball, baseball, baseball.

I've met a cyber-space friend recently, a young fellow who also loves minor league baseball and its history. He is now concocting what he calls a "simulator" on the computer, which will be a replay of sorts of the entire Wisconsin State League in 1953, the year I pitched there. Very interesting.

Happy Turkey Day !

I've written you a little limerick to go with it:

"There once was a turkey named Stan

Who led a revolt of his clan;

They gathered together

These birds of a feather

And roasted a plump sweating man !"

----Bullet Bill -- on the comeback trail (Bill O'Donnell)


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